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AAB publishes printed study and reference materials that can help you prepare to challenge the ABB examinations. When approved to sit for the examination, applicants will also receive a list of supplementary reference textbooks.

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Prepare for the ABB examinations and earn continuing education credit with AAB's Online Courses. The recently updated online courses include speaker video with slides, and quizzes to test your knowledge.

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ABB Examination Logistics

Tammie Schalue, PhD, HCLD(ABB), presents an overview of ABB policies and procedures, tips to prepare for and take the ABB examination, and an introduction to ABOR's bench-level certifications, including Andrology Laboratory Scientist and Embryology Laboratory Scientist. Click play below to start the video presentation:


  • 00:00 - Introduction and Definitions
  • 04:05 - What is ABB?
  • 05:40 - What are the Requirements?
  • 10:50 - What is the Application Process?
  • 17:59 - What Happens After Approval?
  • 20:41 - What Happens After Examination Confirmation?
  • 21:51 - Examination Day
  • 23:29 - Specifics of Exam Schedule and Format
  • 26:06 - What Happens After the Exam?
  • 27:53 - What does ABOR Certify?
  • 28:35 - Which Board Exam Should I Take?
  • 32:02 - ABB Examination 'Alternative Facts'
  • 36:50 - ABB Examination Real Facts
  • 39:36 - Item Writers Workshop
  • 41:13 - What Do I Need to Know for Andrology?
  • 42:29 - What Do I Need to Know for Embryology?
  • 43:47 - What Do I Need to Know for General Knowledge?
  • 44:50 - What Do I Need to Know for ELA?
  • 46:30 - Question Examples

PLEASE READ - Instructions for completing the Application for ABB Certification

Application for ABB Certification


Find details on ABB's CLIA-approved supervisor and director certifications and the application process.



Information on study materials and strategies to successfully challenge the ABB exams.


Continuing Education

Information on the ABB PEER continuing education program to maintain your certification.