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CE Deadlines

Here's how to determine when your current CE recording period ends.

  1. Login to your account

  2. Click above your name where it reads "CEUS FOR CURRENT RECORDING PERIOD." The page will refresh and your current two-year recording period will now be visible above your name

Certificates may be withheld if the continuing education requirements have not been met. If you have any questions please contact the ABB office.

ABB's Guidelines for Maintenance of Certification

All ABB Diplomates (Directors) and Certificants (Managers, Consultants, and Supervisors) are required to participate in the PEER program as a condition for maintaining their American Board of Bioanalysis certification.

Under the PEER program, ABB Diplomates and Certificants are required to document 24 contact hours of acceptable continuing education every two years.


Acceptability of Programs for Continuing Education (CE) Credit

All programs submitted to meet the PEER continuing education requirement must be related to the function of the clinical, assisted reproductive, or public health laboratory.

For acceptable programs see, General Guidelines for Documenting CE Credit.


Determination of Deadline for Continued ABB Certification

ABB certified individuals will have from January 1 to December 31 of the year they are first certified, plus an additional two (2) years, to meet their first CE requirement of 24 contact hours.  After that first period, each Diplomate or Certificant will have two years to document the 24 contact hours needed to maintain ABB certification.


ABB's Two-Year Recording Period

The two-year recording period begins on January 1 and concludes on December 31 of the following year.


Annual CE Recording Fee Required

An annual CE recording fee is required for all ABB Diplomates and Certificants to participate in the PEER program.   This fee must be paid to maintain their ABB certification.  However, if you are a current member of the American Association of Bioanalysts (AAB) [which is distinct from ABB], AAB will pay this fee for you.


Official CE Transcript

In your online CE Account, you can view and print a listing of your CE records.

Hard copy CE transcripts may be obtained for a $15 transcript fee.  Requests for hard copy transcripts must be submitted in writing to the PEER office.


ABB Extension of Deadline

Upon written request and explanation, PEER may, at its discretion, allow a grace period of 90 days beyond the period for the accumulation of CE credits by an individual, provided the written request is received prior to the deadline.


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Continuing Education

Information on the ABB PEER continuing education program to maintain your certification.