AAB Associate Member Section
About AMS

About AMS

The AAB Associate Member Section consists of bioanalytical, clinical, reproductive, medical or environmental laboratory professionals and others interested in laboratory technology.  AMS members are certified technologists, technicians, scientists, physician office laboratory technicians, non-certified regular class, and full-time student class members.

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AMS Membership Classes

Membership Renewal

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Membership Classes

AMS-Registrant Class

To be eligible for membership as AMS-Registrant Class, you must meet the qualifications, standards and requirements established by the AAB Board of Registry.

Annual Dues for MT(AAB), MDxT(AAB), ELS(AAB), ALS(AAB) or MLT(AAB):  $102
Annual Dues for POLT(AAB):  $65
Annual Dues for PBT(AAB):  $43 

AMS-Regular Class

To be eligible for membership as AMS-Regular Class, you must be actively engaged in, or have an active interest in, clinical or bioanalytical laboratory technology and not be certified by the AAB Board of Registry.

Annual Dues:  $82  | Join Online | Printable Application (pdf)

AMS-Student Class

To be eligible for membership as AMS-Student Class, you must be enrolled full-time in a laboratory-related curriculum at a college, university, community college, or vocational school that is accredited by an accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Office of Education.  Part-time students are eligible for student membership only if they are not employed in the laboratory field. 

In order to process student membership, a current official academic transcript verifying studies must be forwarded to the AAB office directly from the issuing institution and must be official and contain the seal of the educational institution.

Annual Dues:  $35 | Join Online | Printable Application (pdf)

AMS-Retired Class

To be eligible for membership as AMS-Retired Class, you must no longer be gainfully employed in a clinical or bioanalytical laboratory because of age or medical reasons and must have been a member of AMS at the time of retirement.

Annual Dues:  $35.  

To apply, please forward a letter requesting that your membership be transferred to Retired Class.

AMS-Life Member

AMS-Life membership is an honorary membership granted by the AMS Administrative Board to an AMS-Registrant Class or AMS-Regular Class member whose contributions to the AMS merit recognition by the award of a lifetime membership.   

Such individuals shall be nominated for life membership by the AMS Membership Committee.  Life members are not required to pay dues. 

2019 - 2020 AMS Administrative Board

Officers & Board of Directors

Richard Jones, MT(AAB)


Vice Chair
Samuel H. Leggett III, MT(AAB)

Kenneth Jensen, GS(ABB)/MT(AAB)

At Large Board Members

Rick Quayle, MT(AAB)

Salustiano Ribeiro, M.Sc., TS(ABB)/ELS/ALS(AAB)

Anna Sokolova, ALS/ELS-P(AAB)


Jessica Rebert, M.Sc.

American Association of Bioanalysts Liaison Representative
David F. Carpenter, Ph.D.

Mark S. Birenbaum, Ph.D.

Associate Administrator
Tammie Schalue, Ph.D., HCLD/ELD/CC(ABB)

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