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Environmental Biology and Public Health Section (EBPH)

A special interest group for individuals who have an active interest
in the field of environmental biology and public health.


Who can join:

Any AAB member in good standing. 

There are NO additional dues for joining the EBPH Section. 

Not a member of AAB, click to join now!

Join EBPH while filling out the AAB membership application. Click the Environmental Biology and Public Health Section box found under Special Interest Groups.

Already a member of AAB!

Join EBPH by filling out this application form and returning it to the AAB/CRB office.


Activities include:

    • Workshops, meetings, and review courses.

    • Representation before legislative and regulatory bodies.

    • Management and administrative information for environmental and public health laboratories.

    • Networking with other laboratorians, industrial hygienists, public health officials, government regulators and researchers who are interested in microbiological contamination of air, water and food.