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AAB Membership Types: Director, Manager, Supervisor, Faculty, Armed Forces,
Supporting, Affiliate and Executive Officer*
AMS Membership Types: Regular Class and Student Class

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Please read before choosing your Membership Class. To help reduce duplicate profiles in our database, consider whether you already have a profile with AAB. You have a profile if you:

  • are currently or have ever been an AAB or AMS member;
  • have applied for certification with the American Board of Bioanalysis (ABB) or the AAB Board of Registry (ABOR);
  • are certified by ABB or ABOR;
  • have placed an order for an AAB publication; or
  • attended an AAB event.

If you do not remember the email that you used to login with or are unsure whether you have ever logged in, please contact the AAB office by telephone at 314-241-1445 or email at, and we will be happy to assist you.

If you already have a profile, login and return to this page to enroll as an AAB Member. Since you are logged in, your profile page will show up after choosing membership type on the following page. At this time, you can make changes, if applicable, before continuing.

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Interested in joining one of the Special Interest Groups: College of Reproductive Biology (CRB) or Environmental Biology and Public Health (EBPH)? You will be given the option to join during the enrollment process.

Enrollment in AAB Special Memberships or AMS Retired Class or Life Membership cannot be processed online. Please contact the AAB office for more information.

*Executive Officer Membership - your company must be a current NILA member.

HAVE A QUESTION? Please contact the AAB office with any questions regarding your membership enrollment. Email: or call 314-241-1445.

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