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Professional Enrichment Educational Renewal (PEER)

Guidelines for CEU Documentation for Non-certified AAB and Regular Class AMS Members and Certificants of the AAB Board of Registry


AAB and AMS Official CEU Transcripts

In your online CEU Account, you can view and print a listing of your CEUs.

Hard copy CEU transcripts may be obtained for a $15 CEU transcript fee.  Requests for hard copy transcripts must be submitted in writing to the PEER office.

CEU Commendation

Under the PEER program, AMS members and certificants who document at least 1.2 CEUs (12 contact hours) in a year receive a Commendation the following year.

The Commendation is designated on either the Regular Class certificate or the AAB Board of Registry certificate with a special black and silver seal in recognition of this achievement.

Annual Fee

AAB and AMS members have their annual CEU recording fee paid for them by AAB as a membership benefit.