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Academic transcripts (US and International) must be forwarded to the ABB office directly from the issuing institution. Transcripts must be official and contain the seal of the educational institution. Transcripts and equivalency evaluations may be forwarded by mail to: ABB, 906 Olive Street, Suite 1200, St. Louis, Missouri 63101.

ABB will also accept official electronic transcripts and equivalency evaluations, provided they are forwarded directly to ABB by the University or a company in partnership with the University (e.g., Transcripts Plus, Student Clearing House, and Parchment).

Will ABB Accept My Transcript Electronically in PDF Format?
Yes - Accepted No - Not Accepted
The transcript was delivered from a verified/secured source (The University or a company in partnership with the University such as Transcripts Plus, Student Clearing House, and Parchment) The transcript is NOT encrypted
The transcript was encrypted/digitally certified The transcript was delivered direct or forwarded from the student's email
The issuing institution marked the transcript as official The transcript has been opened or accessed by another party
The transcript was forwarded from the originating institution or their provider by a secure email method, and the document has NOT already been opened/accessed The transcript was delivered direct or forwarded from a college within an institution email

Equivalency Evaluations For International Academic Credentials

All degrees received from educational institutions outside the United States must be evaluated for equivalency by an agency acceptable to the American Board of Bioanalysis (ABB).

All international transcripts must be provided in English. Transcripts that are not provided in English must be translated by a service approved by ABB. The cost of the translation shall be paid by the applicant.

A detailed report of course-by-course evaluation is required. Be sure to check with the agency to ensure that this service is offered before requesting an evaluation.

Original transcripts must be sent directly from the academic institution to the evaluation agency. Transcripts sent from the applicant to the evaluation agency will NOT be accepted for course-by-course evaluation.

Evaluations from approved agencies MUST be forwarded directly FROM the issuing agency and MUST be official. Fees for such an evaluation shall be borne by the applicant.

Following is a list of agencies acceptable to the American Board of Bioanalysis (ABB):

Josef Silny & Associates, Inc.
International Education Consultants
7101 S.W. 102nd Avenue
Miami, FL 33173
Phone: 305-273-1616
Fax: 305-273-1338
Web site:

International Consultants of Delaware, Inc.
PO Box 8629
Philadelphia, PA 19101-8629


3600 Market Street, Suite 450
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Phone: 215-222-8454, ext. 510
Fax: 215-349-0026
Web site:

International Education Research Foundation, Inc.
PO Box 3665
Culver City, CA 90231-3665
Phone: 310-258-9451
Fax: 310-342-7086
Web site:

Foundation for International Services, Inc.
505 Fifth Avenue South, Suite 101
Edmonds, WA 98020
Phone: 425-248-2255
Fax: 425-248-2262
Web site:


Updated September 30, 2020


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