Maintain Certification

How to Maintain Your ABOR Certification

When you apply for certification by ABOR, you will receive a membership in the Associate Member Section (AMS) of AAB, a leading association for laboratorians and the laboratory industry.

To maintain your certification, you MUST renew your ABOR Certification annually. Dues are $102 per year, and include free membership to AMS.

If your ABOR Certification is not renewed for three years, your certification file will be closed, and you would have to meet today's qualifications and re-apply and re-take the examination to become re-certified.

Please allow up to three (3) business days for an online renewal payment to be processed by the ABOR administrative office.

To view and/or renew your certification, click below to login to your personal profile on the AAB website and scroll down to view your current certifications:


How to Renew Your ABOR Certification

  1. Login and view your certification applications
  2. When ABOR certifications are open for renewal, you will see an Open Renewal record. Click "Renew Now" to renew online.
  3. You will have the option to select free special interest groups
  4. Continue to submit payment for your annual dues


Continuing Education Credits

There is no CE credit requirement to maintain your ABOR certification. Note: some states may require CE credits to maintain your state licensure. Check with your state licensure board for details.

ABOR does offer a continuing education program (PEER) to maintain your CE credits.