ABOR Application Process

Step 1

Review Qualifications and Required Documents

Review ABOR's certification qualifications and the documents and information required for your application. Review ABOR's general regulations for information on policies and procedures prior to submitting your application.

Step 2

Apply Online

  1. Login or create a profile on the AAB website
    The online application will bring you to the AAB website where you will create a profile. If you have logged in to the AAB website in the past to apply for membership or certification, order publications, or attend an event, please use your existing login credentials (email address).
  2. Confirm or fill in your name and contact information
  3. Select the certification and discipline(s)
  4. Complete details on your education
    Institution name, location, dates, major, degrees, and year received.
  5. Complete details on your work experience
    Dates as a technologist/technician in the various disciplines, and employment history.
  6. Pay for application fees by credit card
    The application payment is non-refundable, so review the information you entered carefully.
  7. Notary page
    At the end of the application is the Notary Page. This page must be printed, signed, notarized and then returned to the ABOR office at the address found at the bottom of the Notary Page.

Step 3

Submit Documents

Notary Page - the notary page must be printed from your online application, signed, notarized and mailed to the ABOR office. Click here to learn more about notaries.

Transcripts must be forwarded to the ABOR Office directly from the issuing institution and must be official and contain the seal of the educational institution. Click here for details on transcript policies and international equivalency evaluations.

Step 4

Board Review

When all documents have been received by the ABOR office, staff will prepare your application to send to the board for review. Typically this takes 9 to 12 weeks.

The ABOR board will review the application to determine whether the qualifications have been met. You will receive a decision letter by email indicating whether you are approved to sit for the ABOR examination.

If you are approved, the letter will include content outlines and reference book lists for all disciplines you have been approved for. These documents contain information on the content of the examinations and recommended study materials.

Step 5

Schedule and Sit for Examination

Schedule Your Examination - If you receive a letter of approval to sit for the examination, you can schedule your examination. Click here for details on examination dates and locations.

Prepare for the Examination - click here for information on preparing for the ABOR examination