Application and Examination Fees

California Applicants: click here or scroll to the bottom for application fees.


Refund Policy

Application fees are non-refundable. Examination fees are refundable if the examination is cancelled sufficiently in advance.

Certification Application Fees

Initial certification application $95
Additional disciplines after initial certification $80
Upgrade fee (e.g. MLT to MT) $95


Examination Fees

MT or MLT Generalist $140
MT, ELS, ALS or MDxT by Discipline $85 (first examination)
$50 (each additional exam taken on the same day [up to four exams])

Note: a re-examination (after 1st or 2nd failure) does NOT require a new application fee.


Proctor Fees

Exams Proctored by AAB Board of Registry $25 per individual per day
Exams proctored at a college or university testing center Examinee is responsible for paying the college's/university's proctoring fee (paid directly to the college/university)


California Application/Exam Fees

Initial application, exam and proctor fees $190
Re-examination fees $140 (examination fee)
PLUS  $25 (proctor fee)