Application and Examination Fees

California Applicants: click here or scroll to the bottom for application fees.


Certification Application Fees

Initial certification application $95
Additional disciplines after initial certification $80
Upgrade fee (e.g. MLT to MT) $95


Examination Fees

MT or MLT Generalist $150
MT, ELS, ALS or MDxT by Discipline $90 (first examination)
$55 (each additional exam taken on the same day [up to four exams])

Note: a re-examination (after 1st or 2nd failure) does NOT require a new application fee.


Proctor Fees

Exams Proctored by AAB Board of Registry $25 per individual per day
Exams proctored at a college or university testing center Examinee is responsible for paying the college's/university's proctoring fee (paid directly to the college/university)


California Application/Exam Fees

Initial application, exam and proctor fees $200
Re-examination fees $150 (examination fee)
PLUS  $25 (proctor fee)

Cancellation Policy

Applicants are allowed two (2) cancellations or “failures to appear” per application. Examination fees are refundable for the first cancellation if made seven (7) or more days before the date of the examination. However, a $60 fee will be assessed on the first cancellation if the cancellation occurs less than seven (7) days before the examination date. Failure to appear without cancelling in advance will result in forfeiture of the examination fee.

For the second cancellation, a $60 fee will apply regardless of when the examination is cancelled. A failure to appear without cancelling in advance will result in forfeiture of the examination fee and an additional $60 fee will be assessed.

For a cancellation of a 3rd examination, the examination fee (this includes the proctor fees in California and Florida) will be forfeited and the application will be closed.

The applicant will then have to re-apply and go through the application process again.