ABOR Certifications and Qualifications

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Medical Technologist - MT(AAB) Qualifications
Andrology Laboratory Scientist - ALS(AAB) Qualifications
Embryology Laboratory Scientist - ELS(AAB) Qualifications
Molecular Diagnostics Technologist - MDxT(AAB) Qualifications
Medical Laboratory Technician - MLT(AAB) Qualifications

The primary difference between the MT, ALS, ELS, MDxT, and MLT certifications is one of responsibility and supervisory capabilities in the laboratory. The MT performs tests, including high complexity procedures, with a minimum of supervision. An MT may supervise MLTs.

MLTs perform waived and moderately complex clinical laboratory procedures under the supervision of the laboratory director.

ALS, ELS, and MDxT certifications are equivalent to an MT certification in the fields of andrology, embryology, and molecular diagnostics, respectively.


State Licensing Qualifications

Board certification is different than state licensure. Click here for details on state licensure.