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PEER-approved Online Courses and Webinars


AAB Courses

•  Andrology, Embryology and Laboratory Management
•  Traditional Lab Review Courses


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ASRM Online Courses and Webinars 

Andrology Certificate Course
Present to December 21, 2017 
1.8 CEUs

Andrology Certificate Couse: Andrology Laboratory
Present to December 21, 2017 
0.55 CEU

Embryo Certificate Course - Complete Course
Present to October 16, 2017 
2.75 CEUs (whole course)


Reproductive Biology Course
Present to October 16, 2017 
0.3 CEU

DNA, Chromosomes, and Genetic Testing Course
Present to October 16, 2017 
0.4 CEU

Assisted Reproductive Technology Procedures - Basic Course
Present to October 16, 2017 
0.75 CEU

Assisted Reproductive Technology Procedures - Advanced Course
Present to October 16, 2017 
0.5 CEU

Laboratory Management Course
Present to October 16, 2017 
0.75 CEU

Endometrium and Embryo Cross-Talk: How to Predict and Achieve Implantation Success
Present to-February 28, 2017 
0.35 CEU

Global Approaches to Preventing Infections in the ART Laboratory: From Theory to Practice
Present to-February 28, 2017
0.4 CEU

Optimizing the Safety of In Vitro Fertilization
Present to-February 28, 2017
0.5 CEU

PGD Impact on ART Efficiency with Introduction of Microarray Technology for 24 Chromosome Aneuploidy Testing
Present to-February 28, 2017 
0.45 CEU

American Society for Reproductive Medicine
Contact:  Nancy Bowers, BSN, RN, MPH, by email at for more information.

Clinical Laboratory Learning Series

January-December 2016

•  Comprehensive Assessment of Acute Gastroenteritis in Children Using Multiple Nucleic Acid-based Testing in the Rotavirus Vaccine Era, 0.1 CEU
•  Utilization Management of Clinical Laboratory Testing and Emphasis on Use of iMorpheus for Inpatient and Outpatient Settings, 0.1 CEU
•  Use of MALDI-TOF for rapid identification and microbiology automation, 0.1 CEU
•  Update on HPV, GC/CT testing on liquid based cytology, 0.1 CEU
•  Update on Urine Cultures, 0.1 CEU
•  Update on Testosterone, 0.1 CEU

Contact David L. Smalley, Ph.D., BCLD/PHLD(ABB) by email: for more information.


Quartec GmbH Webinars

January 2016 - December 2016

•  Setting up the ideal IVF laboratory. Part 1: The environment, 0.15 CEU 
•  Setting up the ideal IVF laboratory. Part 2: The best equipment, 0.15 CEU 
•  Setting up the ideal IVF laboratory. Part 3: The culture medium, 0.15 CEU 
•  Setting up the ideal IVF laboratory. Part 4: The culture conditions, 0.15 CEU 
•  Setting up the Ideal IVF laboratory. Part 5: Hygiene Sterility Disinfection, 0.15 CEU 
•  Setting up the ideal IVF laboratory. Part 6: Key Performance Indicators for the IVF Lab., 0.15 CEU 
•  How to recognize the best embryo? Time-lapse or other methods?, 0.15 CEU 
•  The art of making a good oocyte?, 0.15 CEU 
•  Oocyte dysmorphisms and the impact on the outcome in ART, 0.15 CEU 
•  Ethical aspects of PGD, 0.15 CEU 
•  How to improve your vitrification?, 0.15 CEU 
•  Oxidative stress & DNA fragmentation: Time for new sperm tests?, 0.15 CEU 
•  What makes the infertile couple happy?, 0.15 CEU 
•  Apoptosis and human gametes, 0.15 CEU 
•  How does the in vitro cultured embryo function?, 0.15 CEU 
•  What should the embryologist know about epigenetics, 0.15 CEU 
•  How invasive is ICSI?, 0.15 CEU 
•  Consequences of polarity in gametes and embryos, 0.15 CEU 
•  What statistics do embryologists need?, 0.15 CEU 
•  Genetic techniques in ART, 0.15 CEU 

For more information and to register, go to the Quartec web site at 


National Embryo Donation Center Courses 

 5/1/16 - 4/30/17 

• Embryo Donation and Adoption - A Comprehensive Introduction 

  0.1 CEU Approved

• Embryo Donation for Procreation/Adoption

  0.15 CEU Approved

Contact Kelley Jones by email at or call (865)777-2013, ext. 5, or go to and click on "Register for Bioanalysis CE credits."