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QA Manual for Physician Office, Independent And Hospital Clinical Labs
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AAB's Quality Assurance Manual is an electronic tool to assist you in creating a customized QA program for your laboratory. This manual includes easy-to-follow instructions for structuring your laboratory's comprehensive quality assurance program by using Microsoft Word documents with detailed instructions.

The original QA Manual was prepared as a tool to assist laboratories in meeting the CLIA '88 quality assurance requirements. The guide has been adapted for easy implementation of use on this new CD-ROM. Although every laboratory is unique in its approach to quality assurance and in the services offered, every laboratory must meet at least the minimum requirements for an effective QA program. This manual was designed to assist physician office, independent and hospital clinical laboratories in achieving this goal.

AAB's Quality Assurance Manual on CD-ROM includes:

  • Quality Assurance Overview
  • Quality Assurance Plan
  • Quality Assurance Forms-Microsoft Word documents, including detailed instructions that you can tailor to meet your laboratory's needs
    - QA Committee Meeting Form
    - QA Problems Encountered Form
    - QA Incident Report Form
    - Customer Comment Form
    - Proficiency Testing Corrective Acton Form
    - Proficiency Testing Failure Investigation Checklist
    - QA Monthly Review Form
    - QA Quarterly Review Form
    - Annual QA Assessment Form
    - Competency Checklist
    - Technologist Test Procedure Evaluation Form
    - Personnel Safety Checklist

Edition: 2005

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