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QA Manual(s) for ART Labs (CD-ROM)
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The Quality Assurance Manual for ART Laboratories is an electronic tool to assist in creating a customized QA program for Assisted Reproductive Technology (A.R.T.) laboratories. This CD-ROM was designed for laboratories that offer both andrology and embryology laboratory services. If your laboratory only offers andrology or only embryology services, you can delete the sections that are not pertinent.

This manual is composed of three Microsoft Word documents on a CD-ROM:

  • Read Me First.doc - This document provides instructions for modifying the QA manual to make it specific for your laboratory.
  • Tutorial.doc - This document provides recommendations on how to modify the QA manual, indicates each place that requires you to input specific data, and make recommendations on what you should enter. You should use this document to aid you in tailoring the actual QA manual for your specific use.
  • Manual.doc - This document contains text fields that will need to be modified for your specific use.

Version 1.00 Copyright 2004

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