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AAB Online Courses  

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AAB has developed online courses to help you earn continuing education units (CEUs) and study for certification examinations. 

Taking AAB’s online courses gives you the freedom to take a course when and where it is convenient for you. You will also be saving on travel expenses by not attending an onsite course. The days available for viewing a course begin with the day of purchase.

Special Features 

AAB’s online system allows you to: 

  - View the speaker alone or with slides.
  - View the slides alone or with the speaker.
  - Adjust the size of the speaker and slides.
  - Find a topic easily with AAB’s index function.
  - “Fast forward” or “go back” easily and quickly.
  - Stop action to study the slides.

Complete the Quiz to Obtain CEUs

After each course, you will be required to take an online quiz of multiple choice/true or false questions. You must complete the quiz with a grade of 70% or greater to receive your CEUs. You can take the quiz as many times as needed. After successfully completing the quiz, you will be prompted to print a certificate for your records.  AAB/ABB’s Professional Enrichment Educational Renewal (PEER) office is electronically notified when AAB members and ABB Diplomates and Certificants complete a course, therefore, your record will be automatically updated with the CEUs that you received.

If you are taking the course to review for an examination, you are not required to complete the quiz.


At this time AAB is offering the following courses:  basic knowledge, chemistry, andrology, embryology and laboratory management: 

  • PER Basic Laboratory Knowledge
 Click and learn more about the PER Basic Laboratory Knowledge course.
  • PER Chemistry Review
 Click and learn more about the PER Chemistry Review course.
  • Andrology and Embryology Review Course Module 
  • Laboratory Management Module

The information in this module is included in the  Andrology and Embryology Review Course Module, but will be of interest to anyone looking for material on CLIA, Model Compliance Plans, HIPAA, Stark Law and Anti-kickback Policies, Employment Law and OSHA.  

  • Andrology Module 
  • Embryology Module
  • Individual courses from the Andrology and Embryology Review Course Module    

 Click and learn more about the andrology, embryology and laboratory management modules/courses above.
  • Direct Patient Access to Laboratory Test Results: What You Must Do to Comply

Missed the NILA-AAB webinar on July 16, 2014?  Register and learn about the final rule while earning continuing education credit - 0.15 CEU.

 Click and register to view the recorded webinar.

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Questions and Answers

ATTENTION:  ABB Examinees:  If you will be taking courses to review for an ABB certification examination, click on the link to the right – ABB Certification & Examination. This is a FREE course that will provide useful information about the application and examination process.   Viewing this course will assist you with the application process as well as aid in making you more comfortable on examination day. This is a must view course for anyone considering becoming ABB certified. (This course is for your information only. CEU credit is not applicable.)