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AAB Board of Registry Certification Application  


IMPORTANT!  Applications MUST be Submitted Online.

Effective June 7, 2010, ABOR applications for certification must be completed online. Only applications completed online will be accepted for review.  

At the end of the application is the Notary Page. This page must be printed, signed, notarized and then returned to the ABOR office at the address found at the bottom of the Notary Page.

"Sample Applications" below can be printed for your information and reference, but only an application completed online will be accepted for certification.

If you have any questions or experience any difficulty completing the online application, please contact ABOR.

Proceed to online ABOR Certification Application 

Sample application - MT/ELS/ALS/MDxT/MLT Certification

You can apply for certification as MT(AAB), ELS(AAB), ALS(AAB), MDxT(AAB) or MLT(AAB) through the AAB Board of Registry (ABOR) by filling out the online application.

Before proceeding to fill out the online application, make sure that you will be able to provide the following information where applicable.

  • Education information - institutions attended, locations, dates, and degrees obtained.
  • Employment history - institutions, addresses and telephone numbers, positions held and duties performed, and dates.
  • HHS clinical laboratory technologist (CLT) card.  If you passed the HHS (formerly HEW) Proficiency Examination, you will need to upload a scanned version of your card.  If you lost your HHS card and wish to obtain a replacement, contact Jay Powell, Professional Examination Service, at phone:  (212)367-4341, email:
  • Academic transcripts (U.S. and international) must be forwarded to the ABOR Office directly from the issuing institution and must be official and contain the seal of the educational institution.  (Transcript Release Form.)  All degrees received from educational institutions outside the United States must be evaluated for equivalency by an agency acceptable to ABOR.  ABOR requires copies of the transcript release forms that you send to your educational institutions.  Scanned versions can be uploaded.
  • Accepted credit cards for applying online - MasterCard, VISA, American Express and Discover.

All items throughout the application must be completed.  Please designate "not applicable" where necessary.  If space is insufficient, mail additional information to the ABOR office.  Make sure your name and address appear on all additional information.

Certification Application and Examination Fees: Application fees are non-refundable. Examination fees are refundable if the examination is cancelled sufficiently in advance.


Limit: Two reexaminations. Applicants who have failed an ABOR examination three times may reapply for certification eighteen (18) months after the date of the last failed examination and retake the examination twenty-four (24) months after the date of the last failed examination.

EXAMINATIONS: All applicants for certification must pass the appropriate ABOR examination(s).

Please allow a minimum of six to eight weeks to process your application because receipt of documentation, such as transcripts and employer verifications, takes time. Contact the ABOR office anytime to ask about the status of your application. However decisions made by the board with regard to your application will only be conveyed by formal written correspondence from the ABOR office, not by telephone.