PER Review of Molecular Diagnostics

PER Review of Molecular Diagnostics
6.0 Contact Hours (PEER-approved)
Price: Member - $210. Nonmember - $300
Length:  3:47:00
Available for viewing: 90 days

Course Description

In this session the student will review basic, entry level concepts of molecular diagnostics in preparation for the MDxT/MT/MLT certification exam.

Includes video/slides recorded May 16-17, 2019, in conjunction with the AAB Conference in New Orleans.

Major Topics

  • Chemistry of Nucleic Acids
  • Hybridization Methods
  • Amplification Methods
  • Sequencing and Other Methods

Learning Objectives

The student will gain the ability to examine areas of strengths and weaknesses in the subject area, and the knowledge and skill to challenge the MT/MLT certification exam. Study skills and keys to test success will also be covered.

Target Audience

This course is designed primarily for MLT/MT/CLS students and recent graduates to prepare for board certification examinations. It is also appropriate for current laboratorians looking to refresh their knowledge, learn about a new field, or earn CE credit.


S. Terence Dunn, Ph.D., HCLD(ABB), Oklahoma State Department of Health

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$210.00 PER Review of Molecular Diagnostics
Members Only
$300.00 PER Review of Molecular Diagnostics
Non Members

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