AAB Honors Military Laboratorians On Armed Forces Day

Brigadier General David L.Smalley, Ph.D., M.S.S., BCLD(ABB) introduces Captain Jerome McKay, M.S. at the 2010 AAB Meeting and Educational Conference Captain Jerome McKay, M.S. presents the Keynote Address, "Salute to Military Laboratorians - Stories from Iraq and Afghanistan."

Message From The AAB Associate Member Section Chair - Sponsoring Military Laboratorians

AAB's military members, active and veteran, were honored during a special presentation on Armed Forces Day, Saturday, May 15, 2010.  Military members present during the AAB 2010 Conference Awards Luncheon received a plaque in grateful appreciation for the extraordinary work they have done and are doing.  The plaque contained the text of a formal resolution issued by the AAB Board of Directors (see below).

AAB members who are active duty military or military veterans are encouraged to add their names to the AAB Roll of Honor on AAB's website.  For more information, contact the AAB office by email: aab@aab.org, telephone: (314)241-1445, or fax: (314)241-1449, attention: Shannon Hood.


AAB Roll of Honor

Jose C. Baco, HCLD(ABB), US Air Force 1961-1965; USAF Reserve 1965-1975
Robert W. Bennett, SSgt, USAF, MT(AAB), MLT(ASCP)cm, 2003-2017
John A. Boffa, HCLD(ABB), US Army, 1944-1946
Gerald A. Brown, MT(AAB), US Air Force, 1955-1978
Rhachel Demetropoulos, MT(AAB), US Army Reserve, 2003-2010
Rafael T. Domingo, BSMT, MA, MT(AAB), MSC, US Navy, 1996-Current
Julie L. Dougherty, MT(AAB), US Army, 1989-1997
Holly M. Goebel, MLT(AAB), US Navy Reserve, 2000-2008, Operation Enduring Freedom, 2004-2005
Matt Haley
Kristopher B. Huffman, MT(AAB), US Air Force, Currently (15 years)
Johnnie Jackson, MT(AAB), US Army, 1952-1954
Richard R. Jones Sr., MT(AAB), US Army, 1958-1978
David R. Kennedy, Ph.D., BCLD(ABB), US Army, 1959-1962
Samuel H. Leggett III, MT(AAB), US Air Force, 1981-1984
Shirley Lovelace, MT(AAB), US Army, 1969-1971
James T. Morris, MT(AAB), US Army, 1999-Present
Pennell C. Painter, Ph.D., BCLD(ABB)
Enrico Pallesco, MT(AAB), US Army, 1993-2001
Theodore J. Passon Jr., Ph.D., BCLD(ABB), US Army, 1968-1970
James E. Prier, Ph.D., HCLD(ABB), US Army, 1942-1943 Active; 1950-1955 Reserve
Robert Rosecrans, Ph.D., HCLD(ABB), US Army, 1971-1973
Alvin M. Salton, HCLD(ABB), US Army, 1952-1955
Kyle D. Sample, Msgt (Retired), MT(AAB), US Air Force 1979-1999

David L. Smalley, Ph.D., BCLD(ABB), US Army Reserve, 1983-Present
Milagros Sola, MLT(AAB), US Army, 1992-2000

Irwin H. Sommerfeld, HCLD(ABB), US Army Air Corp, 1942-1946; Air Force Reserves, 1946-1956
Linda Steel-Goodwin, Ph.D., GS/BLM(ABB), US Air Force, 1990-Present
Barbara Timm, ELD/TS(ABB), Air National Guard, 1987-2010 
Samuel N. Urbina, MT(AAB), US Army, 1993-2001
Nittaya Geter Waller, MT(AAB), US Naval Reserve, 1987-1994


A Resolution for AAB Active and Veteran Military Personnel

AAB recognizes with grateful appreciation the extraordinary work of AAB’s military members, active and veteran. Following is the text of AAB’s formal resolution displayed in plaque form at AAB’s Annual Meeting and Educational Conference, May 13-15, 2010, at the Golden Nugget Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

WHEREAS, many AAB members have served in the U.S. military; and 

WHEREAS, these AAB members have provided essential, clinical laboratory services to many individuals, including members of the U.S. military, their families, and individuals affected by war, terrorism, and natural disasters; and 

WHEREAS, these laboratory services have been provided in some of the most challenging and dangerous locations and settings, including combat zones and areas devastated by hurricanes, earthquakes, tornados and other emergencies; therefore, be it 

RESOLVED that the American Association of Bioanalysts recognizes the extraordinary contributions these individuals have made and are making and expresses grateful appreciation for their leadership, courage and action! 

Presented on Armed Forces Day, Saturday, May 15, 2010

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