CRB Pre-Conference Workshop

CRB Pre-Conference Workshop – May 15, 2019

Alert and Alarmed – A Mini-Symposium on IVF Laboratory Safety and Alarm Monitoring

May 15, 2019, 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
Sheraton New Orleans Hotel, New Orleans, Louisiana

This full-day workshop will focus on one of the hottest topics facing the modern IVF laboratory – LN2 specimen tank storage and security. IVF laboratory directors and operation directors from prominent storage facilities will discuss LN2 storage tank alarms and security, tank storage and backups, tank maintenance and disaster preparedness, as well as gas tank usage/safety (O2 room depletion), and Dewar shipping/receiving of frozen tissues.

Overview of Cryostorage Management
By W. Brent Hazelrigg, ReproTech, Ltd.

Gain a valuable understanding of the design and management of a cryostorage system for the safe preservation of human reproductive tissue.

Disaster Preparedness
By Charles L. Bormann, PhD, HCLD(ABB), Massachusetts General Hospital

Discover how an emergency plan is critical in the event of natural disasters or other destructive events in order to protect laboratory personnel and patients, preserve cryopreserved gametes and embryos, and safe guard patient information, financial and operational documents, and laboratory equipment. Learn how to develop an emergency plan and identify risk factors based on geography of practice. Real-life emergency situations will be discussed and the appropriate ways to respond to those situations. Hear about proactive measures to safeguard your laboratory and frozen specimens in the event of an emergency.

LN2 Tank Safety and Security
By Don Fish, California Cryobank

This session will focus on the safety and security of LN2 specimen storage tanks to mitigate the risk of tank failure and subsequent potential for specimen loss. Learn about critical choices throughout the life cycle of the LN2 tank, including, but not limited to, the critical decision making leading to a LN2 tank purchase, equipment management and monitoring, data alerts, and tank failure discovery.

Shipping Cryotanks / Dewars
By Marlane J. Angle, PhD, HCLD/CC(ABB), Laurel Fertility Center

Learn how to identify the risks associated with shipping cryotanks, how to QC tanks prior to shipping and how to document QC and shipping.

LN2 Tank Safety Training
Michael F. Myers, MSc, ELD(ABB), Cryogenics Safety Solutions

This session will cover liquid nitrogen LN2 legislation and guidance, production and supply, design and function of vessels, pressurized liquid cylinders and Dewars, the properties and hazards of liquid nitrogen, safety measures in vessel handling and storing and risk assessment in the workplace.

Earn an LN2 Training Certificate Online from Cryogenics Safety Solutions

At the conclusion of the LN2 Tank Safety Training session, CRB Workshop registrants who are interested in earning a LN2 Training Certificate online can provide Michael Myers with their name and email address. A representative of Cryogenics Safety Solutions will follow up by email with instructions for taking the online quiz. Registrants who successfully challenge the quiz will receive via email a certificate documenting their successful passage of the online quiz. The online quiz and certificate are being provided free of charge to CRB Workshop registrants who sign up for the quiz.

The LN2 Training Certificate is available through Cryogenics Safety Solutions. The LN2 Training Certificate is not connected in any way to the American Board of Bioanalysis (ABB) or the AAB Board of Registry (ABOR) or ABB or ABOR certifications.


Disclaimer: The content and views presented in this educational activity are those of the faculty/authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the American Association of Bioanalysts (AAB) or the AAB College of Reproductive Biology (CRB). The presented materials and information are not necessarily exhaustive of the subject matter, and laboratory professionals and all other individuals should review and consider other relevant materials, and professional opinions and advice, on the subject matter before making appropriate decisions.

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