ASRM Scientific Congress & Expo - Virtual Congress Program

ASRM 2020 - Click here for step-by-step instructions to document your ASRM 2020 continuing education with ABB/PEER.

Click a day below for details regarding ABB/PEER-approved scientific sessions, roundtables, abstracts, and post-graduate courses.

IMPORTANT: Documenting CE credit with ABB/PEER for the ASRM 2020 Virtual Scientific Congress & Expo:

Each ASRM session will have a banner indicating the continuing education (CE) credit for which it is eligible (CME, PEER, etc.). If PEER is on this banner, it is eligible for ABB-PEER credit. If CE is crucial to you, look for the courses that have PEER indicated for CE.

Upon completing the session, there will be an opportunity to select the type of CE you would like to receive. There could be up to 10 types of CE available. To receive CE credit from ABB-PEER, you must select PEER.

ASRM will forward proof of your attendance to the ABB-PEER office, and the CE earned will be documented in your online CE account within 45 days of completion.

If you attend a live session (abstract, poster, roundtable, or expert encounter), your activity will be tracked by the length of time you are logged into the activity. ASRM will forward this information directly to ABB/PEER within 45 days of your attendance.

If you attend an on-demand session that requires an evaluation (interactive, symposium, plenary, lecture, or post-graduate course), you must complete the evaluation by December 31, 2020, to obtain CE credit. ASRM will then forward this information directly to ABB/PEER within 45 days of your submission of the evaluation to ASRM.

The final date to claim credit with ASRM is December 31, 2020.

Attention Florida Licensees: Submit your complete Florida license number (including 2 digit letter prefix) to (Attn: PEER) within 30 days of attending the meeting to receive CE credit for your Florida license. Be sure to specify how the credit should be divided among the specific categories, e.g., Andrology, Embryology, Supervision, General.

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