CRB Legislative Committee


CRB Legislative Committee

CRB Legislative Committee

Dear Colleagues:

It is an honor to serve as Chair of the Legislative Committee this year. New to the committee, I know I have big shoes to fill taking over for Shane Zozula after his two years at the helm. Fortunately, I have an excellent team that returns Stanley G. Harris, ELD/TS(ABB), Heidi M. Hausermann, MSc, ELD/TS(ABB), and Ashley Wong, MSc, TS(ABB). I will rely heavily on their experience to bring myself and fellow newcomers Sheela Sadruddin, MS, TS(ABB), and Jacob Shuman, MSc, TS(ABB), up to speed. 

With new members come new ideas, so I look forward to being part of a group that takes a fresh look at how best to inform the community of new legislation in our field while also recognizing and building on the work of those who served before us. Our task is to keep all of our members educated and up to date on both current and potential legislation. As Shane previously mentioned, legislation beyond our local area has the potential to impact us, sometimes in ways we cannot yet imagine, so it is important to be aware of what is happening both near and far. 

It is critical for all members, no matter our role, to understand the impact of legislation on both the way we do our jobs and on our patients as well. So with that in mind, the LegCom will serve as a vehicle to drive legislative discussion, and in some cases actively seek to impact legislative action. We are looking forward to a great year and hope to see everyone at the meeting next May!

Michael Abeyta, TS(ABB), CRB Legislative Committee Chair



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