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Marlane Angle, PhD, HCLD/CC(ABB)

The Great Resignation and the Covid pandemic have had major impacts on embryologists, embryology laboratories and IVF programs. Many embryologists have quit their full-time jobs and moved to per diem status, possibly due to high levels of stress and workloads that have become overwhelming, particularly for young embryologists and andrologists who are also trying to deal with new struggles at home and in personal lives. However, these changes in embryologist availability, along with demands for reduced workloads and higher salaries are also providing increased opportunities for embryologists by opening new environments that provide work at higher per diem salaries and fewer hours.

The downsides to embryologists leaving their home programs, and demanding higher wages as per diems are that programs now have insufficient staff to provide the services needed by patients and the significantly increased per diem salaries are reducing profit margins for IVF programs, particularly those being run by corporate entities. These reductions may have long term consequences on program spending for new technologies, support for educational advancement of junior staff, and program growth and expansion. This brave new world will look very different for young scientists coming into our laboratories and is currently creating staffing shortages and financial shortfalls that will have to have creative solutions by lab directors and program managers.

The following two articles explore the stress experienced by embryologists world wide, and some of the current issues embryologists and laboratories are experiencing that will change our industry.

Under Pressure: A Survey on Stress and Clinical Embryology ⇒

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