From the Secretary


From the Secretary

Standing Rules for the College of Reproductive Biology


Dave Walker, M.Sc., ELD/TS(ABB)

Greetings peers,

As secretary to the CRB board, one of my duties includes chairing the committee that reviews the Standing Rules that guide the CRB. You have access to this document through the AAB/ABB website…however, I wouldn’t recommend reading it. Actually, it’s really boring…national officers blah, blah, blah…executive committee blah, blah, blah…duties, terms, vacancies, and more committees, blah, blah, blah…

The part of the Standing Rules that IS exciting is the Purpose Statement. Our society, the College of Reproductive Biology, was created to help individuals…isolated in their own little corner of the lab…to encourage communication, share ideas and new found knowledge and develop collaborations among ourselves and our work. If you haven’t been to an Annual CRB meeting lately, you gotta come. So much effort is put into these meetings and believe me, it shows. From the speakers and content to the knowledgeable vendors, it all encourages and exemplifies the Purpose of our group.

So, if you’re having trouble falling asleep sometime, just pull up the Standing Rules document and you’ll be snoozing in no time…However, if you’re puzzled by a situation or procedure in the lab…call a friend from the CRB and they may be able to help. I know they’re willing and very capable. Let’s keep this society strong for everyone…!

Dave Walker
Secretary of the Board


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