CRB Newsletter - Vol. 5, No. 2


CRB Newsletter - Vol. 5, No. 2




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Gerry Celia, 

From the Editor:

Welcome to the latest edition of the CRB NEWSLETTER (TOC for articles appears in box at right)! As president elect, and thus publications chair, I have been tasked with assembling this year's newsletter along with the help of our current president - Stan Harris, ELD/TS (ABB), and the many wonderful committee chairs who have contributed columns. First, let me say that I now have the utmost respect for anyone who has done this job before me, as herding cats would certainly be an easier undertaking. Each of our contributors, and all of our readers, know how difficult it is to devote time to anything that falls outside of their primary (read “paycheck providing”) duties, and therefore I would like to take this opportunity to thank them all for what they do.

In this newsletter I have asked Marina Gvakharia, MD, PhD, HCLD/ELD(ABB) to review the past year's meeting. As the meeting committee Chair, she was responsible for overseeing all the pieces that came together to make it one of our most successful meetings yet.

Each of the committee chairs has also taken a moment to address what their goals are for the coming year and to clarify the role they see their group taking.

For my part, as the chair of the Publications Committee, I hope to take some of the weight off of Stan with respect to communicating with the membership. I would also like to get a sense of what you, as members of the CRB, would like to see from this committee. Each year we toy with the idea of transitioning to a social media platform for regular interaction amongst the membership. Carli Chapman, BS, TS/ELD (ABB) spearheaded this several years ago, but each effort stalls out for a few significant reasons - namely that we don’t seem to have the tech skills of a 13 year old and thus can’t find a way to make social media ‘cool’ for our purposes, and secondly that we fear some of us may have the social skills of a 13 year old and the AAB doesn’t want to be responsible if it all goes awry. This leaves us in a bit of a limbo, and I would love to hear from the membership with respect to how they would like to see social media play a part in our interactions. We really would like to sort this all out. Feel free to send me your thoughts at

Lastly, I would just like to point out that this is YOUR newsletter. Each year we see the committees give an update on what they are doing and a generally rehashing of things, but this is really meant to be a way for the CRB to share news of its membership. If you happen to be making news out there please send us some information about it. I would be happy to forward it along to the AAB for possible inclusion in the next newsletter. Also, let’s not forget the website! The CRB website is a dynamic site, and we welcome all suggestions to improve it for you, our members. Contact the AAB Office with your suggestions at 

In the meantime, Enjoy!

Gerry Celia, PhD, HCLD(ABB)


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