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What Is NILA?

The National Independent Laboratory Association (NILA) is a trade association for community and regional clinical laboratories. NILA serves as a platform for laboratory owners and senior executives to share business expertise, focus on legislative and regulatory issues, and work together to address industry concerns and to improve the operations of NILA's member laboratories.

What Is NILA Working On?

NILA's current focus includes:

  • Implementation of the Protecting Access to Medicare Act (PAMA)
  • FDA Oversight of Laboratory Developed Tests (LDTs)
  • New codes and changes to existing codes for laboratory procedures, especially in Toxicology and Molecular Diagnostics
  • Restrictive managed care contracts
  • Cybersecurity for Laboratory Information Systems
  • Navigating the dramatic changes in the U.S. Healthcare System

NILA's Advocacy on Behalf of Community and Regional Laboratories

NILA's strong advocacy efforts have protected community and regional clinical laboratories from a number of disastrous proposals, including:

  • Defeating a Congressional proposal to reinstitute a 20% copayment on Part B Clinical Laboratory Fee Schedule (CLFS) payments (2003)
  • Blocking CMS's Competitive Bidding Demonstration Project for Part B CLFS payments
  • Repealing a CMS Requirement for physician signatures on all Part B clinical laboratory requisitions (2011)
  • Winning several lawsuits that forced the New York State Health Department to refund over $23 million in Permit Fee/Overcharges to New York licensed laboratories (2013)
  • $2 increase in specimen collection fees for SNF/homebound patients (2014)
  • No Laboratory Fee Schedule cuts in the permanent "Doc Fix" (SGR) legislation (2015)