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Applicants for certification as MT(AAB), ELS(AAB), ALS(AAB), MDxT(AAB) and MLT(AAB) are subject to successful completion of the appropriate AAB Board of Registry examination(s). 

There are two (2) ways to challenge the MT(AAB) examination: by Discipline OR as a Generalist. 

Applicants challenging the MT(AAB) certification examination by discipline must successfully pass an examination in Basic Knowledge AND an examination in at least one (1) discipline to become certified. If you choose this route, only failed examinations must be retaken.  

Applicants challenging the ELS(AAB), ALS(AAB) and/or MDxT certification examination(s) must successfully pass an examination in Basic Knowledge AND an examination in Embryology, Andrology, and/or Molecular Diagnostics to become certified. Only failed examinations must be retaken.

Applicants challenging the MT(AAB) Generalist or MLT(AAB) Generalist certification examinations must successfully pass an examination covering basic knowledge AND the following individual disciplines: chemistry, hematology, immunology, immunohematology and microbiology. Applicants who challenge the Generalist examination are required to meet a minimum score in each of the disciplines AND a minimum overall score. Unlike the individual discipline examinations, failing in any one (1) subject area requires retaking the entire Generalist examination. 



Acceptance of Other Certifying and Licensing Examinations 


The AAB Board of Registry only recognizes examinations administered by the AAB Board of Registry.