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Academic transcripts (U.S. and international) must be forwarded to the AAB Board of Registry office directly from the issuing institution and must be official and contain the seal of the educational institution. 

Degrees earned in the United States must be from a college, university or other institution accredited by an accreditation organization recognized by the U.S. Office of Education. Equivalency evaluations for international academic credentials must be provided by an organization that is acceptable to the AAB Board of Registry.  View a list of acceptable equivalency evaluation agencies.

MT(AAB)s, ELS(AAB)s, ALS(AAB)s, MDxT(AAB)s, MLT(AAB)s, *POLT(AAB)s, and *PBT(AAB)s applying to upgrade or add disciplines to their certification should submit transcripts for education obtained after their initial certification as an MT(AAB), ELS(AAB), ALS(AAB), MLT(AAB), POLT(AAB), or PBT(AAB). These individuals do not have to resubmit the transcripts contained in their original application file.

* Effective April 1, 2015, ABOR no longer offers new POLT(AAB) or PBT(AAB) certifications. Individuals that are currently POLT(AAB) or PBT(AAB) certified can continue their certifications.