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California CLS (Medical Technologist) and MLT (Medical Laboratory Technician Licensure Examinations

Applicants for CLS (medical technologist) or MLT (medical laboratory technician) licensure in California can apply for MT(AAB) or MLT(AAB) examinations under a special certification program. To be eligible, individuals must first apply to the California Laboratory Field Services (CLFS) for a California CLS (medical technologist) or California MLT (medical laboratory technician) license.

Applicants that meet California's educational and experience requirements will be issued a CLFS "Letter of Qualification" containing a unique identifier number.

After receiving a CLFS "Letter of Qualification" with a unique identifier number, individuals can then apply for the AAB Board of Registry's (ABOR's) MT or MLT examinations* for California licensure. The CLFS Letter of Qualification must be dated within three (3) years of the date of application for ABOR certification.

Applicants that pass the CLS(MT) or MLT examinations for California licensure, will be awarded an MT(AAB) or MLT(AAB) certification that is valid for the remainder of the calendar year, as well as a FREE membership in AAB's Associate Member Section (AMS). MT(AAB) or MLT(AAB) certification and AMS membership must be revalidated/renewed annually. 

* These examinations are specifically designed for California licensure purposes and have been approved by the State of California for that purpose.

In addition, MLTs can use either ABOR's California-specific MLT examination (which lacks immunohematology and microscopy) or the regular ABOR MLT examination, which contains immunohematology and microscopy, to meet California's examination requirements for MLT licensure. Furthermore, individuals who passed AAB's MT and MLT examinations after January 1, 2003, can use those examinations to meet California's examination requirement for licensure.