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ABB Examination Dates

October 14, 2016
Salt Lake City, Utah

In order to sit for the October 14, 2016 exam, ABB must receive all required documentation no later than August 31, 2016.

May 17, 2017
Westin Galleria Hotel
Houston, Texas

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Application Instructions

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Certification Application 


An application must be completed to apply for certification through the American Board of Bioanalysis (ABB).  All applications must be submitted in English and no handwritten applications will be accepted.

On the application you will be asked to check the certification that you are applying for:

  • High-complexity Clinical Laboratory Director (HCLD)
  • Technical Supervisor (TS)

If applying for HCLD or TS, select a minimum of one (1) of the following disciplines:  andrology, embryology*, chemistry, diagnostic immunology, hematology, microbiology, molecular diagnostics, or public health microbiology. 

*For an embryologist, there are two director certifications available, HCLD and ELD.  HCLD certification qualifies you as a director under CLIA, whereas ELD certification does not.  An HCLD in embryology can automatically qualify for ELD, but not vice versa.  Refer to the ABB certification standards for details.

  • Public Health Laboratory Director (PHLD)

If applying for PHLD, select the Public Health Microbiology discipline.

  • Embryology Laboratory Director (ELD)
  • Andrology Laboratory Director (ALD)
  • Bioanalysts Clinical Laboratory Director (BCLD)

If applying for BCLD, select a minimum of three (3) of the following disciplines:  chemistry, diagnostic immunology, hematology, and microbiology or public health microbiology.

  • Clinical Consultant (CC)
  • General Supervisor (GS)